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Let me help you strengthen your

voice, piano and 

musicianship skills.

Rachel has not only improved my voice and vocal skill, she has genuinely changed my life. This woman is an extraordinary teacher who challenges her students to look beyond their own shortcomings as vocalists and encourages them to grow in their perception, not just their voice! Rachel instills a deep sense of respect and a genuine passion for the uniqueness of each individual voice and all the amazing things it can do. Not only that, but Rachel chooses songs and vocal exercises that perfectly fit your voice. Rachel has not only become the best voice teacher I have ever had but she has also become a friend, who I can always reach out to for vocal advice! I can thank Rachel for the confidence and vocal knowledge that I have today. Choosing Rachel as a voice teacher would be a fantastic choice for yourself and vocal future!​​

Chelsea DiMauro



I believe that music should be accessible to all people.

Allow me to help music be a part of your life to whatever extent possible.

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