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Are you new to voice lessons?Or are you starting with 

experience and looking for

different approaches? Working with me, I will give you the tools and experience to

allow not only your technique and musical aptitude to grow, but your mind and confidence to grow as well. I will cater lessons to your wants and needs as an individual student. Voice lessons are for anyone and everyone. All ages are welcome. More information below in the FAQ's.

Have questions? Don't

hesitate to reach out. 

In-Person or Virtual

The sky is the limit! 

I offer both in-person and virtual lessons. In-person lessons are at my studio within my home for those local to Madison, WI. However, I can assure you that virtual lessons are just as successful! My teaching style and the structure of each lesson do not differ much if at all.



Required materials for Virtual Lessons

  • A device with internet connection.

  • Device must provide a camera and microphone.

  • The ability to play music tracks on your device, or preferred on an additional external device.

  • Access to Virtual software. I am comfortable with FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and Google Duo.

  • Access to Venmo, Paypal or Card through the website.



I specialize in beginner to intermediate piano lessons. Let me help you build your form and musicianship skills. In lessons we work on theory, sight reading comfort, finger and posture strengthening exercises, craft and artistry. You will be expected to buy your own set of books as you will bring them to and from your lessons. It is highly encouraged (but not a deal breaker for beginners) to have an acoustic piano or an 88-key keyboard.


Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out. 


  • What do we do in a lesson?

    • Each lesson is catered to your individual wants and needs! We will work on exercises, technique and implement these tools into your repertoire.​

  • How often should I have a lesson?

    • It is generally best to have a lesson every week or every other week. However, this can also be worked out on an in individual basis depending on your schedule and budget. 

  • What styles do you teach for Voice? ​​

    • I predominantly teach Classical, Pop and Musical Theatre. However, my technique and style of teaching targets anyone who is looking to grow their voice and musical skill regardless of genre. ​

  • What styles do you teach for Piano? 

    • I teach classical piano technique. For beginners and intermediate players, we will follow book series, scale books and exercise books. ​

  • I am a young person, when should I start voice lessons? 

    • It is best to start with voice lessons around the age of 13 years old. At this age, the voice is developed enough to start exploring exercises. However, I am comfortable working with younger singers, our lesson structure will just be slightly different, and more catered to ​singing for fun. 

  • I am a young person, when should I start piano lessons? 

    • I believe 6 years old is a healthy age to start piano lessons. I will make exceptions on a case-to-case basis. It is best if your child has had experience with beginner reading and numbers.

  • I am an adult and have no musical background or experience. What's the point in starting so late?​​​​

    • People of all ages regardless of experience can benefit from music lessons. Working on an instrument can provide joy, relaxation, creative expression and more. Music lessons can also supplement a wide variety of services. ​Some examples include but are not limited to: voice lessons as speech therapy; voice lessons as vocal rehabilitation; piano lessons for fine motor skills; and voice, piano or general music lessons for neurodivergent minds.

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